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A Villa in Kerala

I made this mostly traditional design for a villa in Kerala for my parents’ home. This was when we were planning to buy a plot which had a dilapidated 1BHK house on it. The plan was to pull down the kitchen which was in a bad condition and then build the rest of the villa attached to the existing hall (which would get converted to an entry lounge) and the bedroom (a wall of which would be removed to re-purpose and add it to the new dining room.)

Well, we ended up not buying the plot and so this design was discarded. Now, that the actual villa is nearing completion, I thought I could put up the previous design.

The exterior of the house is mostly traditional with a hint of functional modernity in the interiors.

Software Used: Google Sketchup (Now Trimble Sketchup) for the 3D modelling SU Podium for the rendering

All the design, both architectural and interiors… is of course, my own. 🙂

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