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It Is The Thought That Counts…

The weather here in Kuwait is awesome right now. The sun isn’t too bright; there is a nice chill in the air… All the clouds have silver linings. The dust seems to have settled for a while… and though there is a touch of humidity, it doesn’t hit you hard.

When the sun’s busy playing hide and seek among the clouds here is a list of things I would want to do…

Would love a day on the beach… from dawn to dusk. I would love to wake up on the sand… the sun’s rays peeping through clouds and kissing me good morning. A day of lazing around under the grey sky… a cool breeze blowing… the sand, a little warm. The sound of the waves crashing against distant rocks… and the murmur of the waves as they caress the shore line. The whisper of that someone special by your side…more felt than heard over the raucous cackle of the sea-birds. Not another human soul on the beach except us… the world as peaceful as within a snow-globe. A little masti, a little play… splashing around in the sea as it warms up when the day climbs. Lying exhausted on the beach as the sun slowly dips towards the horizon… coloring the sky in a vibrant palette of reds, yellows, oranges, soft pinks and purples and then as it falls in to the ocean the sky darkens… and a few rare stars sparkle through the clouds and maybe a moon that brightens up the night… causing the sea to turn silver.

For the other thing I want to do… I need to have a library at home… 

Snuggle up with a good book in a cozy armchair with endless  floor-to-ceiling shelves of books all around… a hot mug of coffee / chocolate (with baby marshmallows floating in it) / a warm red wine… the last is the most preferred. The smell of books permeating the air… The sun-rays lighting up the room softly through the clouds… the patterns formed by the shadows ever changing as the day progresses. Well… that is a bit of heaven right there…

Another thing I would want to do on a day like this is get myself a nice car… find an isolated road… and let the machine take over. But, since I do not have a Kuwaiti license yet… that is a dream that would take a bit of time to come true. Meanwhile, I could always have the special someone take me out on a long drive in a sexy car… a drive with some interesting, intriguing conversation… long, mellow pauses when nothing needs to be said. A bit of ‘troubling the driver’ while he drives… 😉 and yeah… lunch at a drive through… dinner at a fancy restaurant, then a night cap and sweet dreams.

Well… these are my simple needs… simple wants… clichéd as they may be… these are the moments that would remain forever in my heart & mind. And yes… it is the thought that matters… even as I sit in my office chair and drift off to that beach; I know I am smiling… I am happy… I am content.

© Surya Murali

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