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A Scottish Break

I have been paying for this domain name quite a while now without even using it, forget about being productive on it.

There’s been a lot going on in life and none of it is worth blogging about really. It is life and it is boring. I did take a teeny-tiny vacation, much needed and years overdue. It didn’t go completely as planned – things never do – but it was fun. It was eventful, I can tell you that… I almost burned off 2 of my fingerprints. Good thing my Kuwait residence has a record of fingerprints on both my hands, else, it would have been weird explaining to the immigration why an Indian is trying to sneak into Kuwait from the UK. Duh!… Because tax-free!

The highlight of the trip was Scotland (sorry, London!). Especially, the Scottish Highlands. I do regret not being confident about driving but it didn’t matter as I rode shotgun for almost the whole drive through the highlands. The scenery was awesome even if the weather wasn’t ideal… which the locals tell me never is.

Flora on the way…

I have never seen so many rhododendrons in my life… heck, I had never seen an actual rhododendron bush before in my life. Rhododendrons and Azaleas blanketed the countryside. An overcast sky may not have helped the photos, but it was great for the mists that rolled through the hillsides… very magical, very Potterish.

I sure would love to return with a lot more time to have a leisurely stay and great long drives (shotgun, of course!) And the next time, I do want to sample the local flavours and not be pressed for time, hopping from one tourist attraction to another.

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After this trip, I did learn quite a bit about my own travel dreams… I now know that I am not really concerned about visiting all the different countries in the world and experiencing all sorts of cultures and landscapes (I have Google and YouTube for it!) What I do want is to visit a select few countries, the landscapes of which interest me. I would also prefer the hotels or rooms I pick for the stay are perfect enough that a day cooped inside would be just as luxurious. And, what I really want is a helicopter ride or a small chartered plane that will fly me over the beautiful landscapes which I cannot walk or drive through and experience.

I could have opted for a drone but there is enough drone footage by better videographers out there which I can watch.

Lastly, I know it is a thing to document your trip with selfies and group photos with the scenery in the background making a point that you were there… but, I hate it. Absolutely hate the idea. I do not like the concept of marring the beauty of a nice composition with my face in it… inevitable as it is when it comes to travelling with family. I prefer the pictures of the landscape, of the scenery of the architecture, which will remind me of the beauty of the place… I don’t need to prove to anyone that I was there. And I certainly don’t need pictures to remember the fun I had with family and friends… my memory palace does not need documentation.

By the way, as oft repeated as this advice is it is still golden – Travel light. Even though I had just one suitcase, as a group we had a few more pieces of luggage than people – it was unavoidable for a few reasons. And it was a hard lesson to learn, we probably looked like refugees with strangely high-end luggage!

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