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From The Otherside ;)

I really liked this disclaimer by Nawaab Saheb A little violent, maybe… but then there really are those times when you want to get a gun out and do an FPS on some really dumb people around you (and the world seems to be full of them)! Why I don’t get a license for a gun is simple… I happen to be one of those dumb people!

General Disclaimer:The contents of this blog (in general) and / or of this post (in specific) are not intended to hurt the sentiments of any individual and / or community. If you are offended – it is sincerely regretted and I genuinely pity you for your lack of common sense. I also pity your friends and family who have to tolerate your sad existence. Please do seek some help – psychiatric or otherwise – or just go kill yourself and do the world a favour.This message has been issued in the interest of the general public. Source: Blog post at L o r d R a j’s

© Surya Murali

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