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Here We Go Again…

Let me start this post with an earlier image I’d created for the Times Of India…

TOI Dunce

Now, here is the link which would explain why I had to repeat that: Dear Deepika, our point of view…

Evidently, TOI is run by some immature teenager. How else does one explain them thinking it is alright to draw attention to a particular body part of an actress / any woman in an innocuous video and then argue that it is justified because the said woman has posed for revealing or sexy pictures and videos other than that fits her work profile.

As dumb as TOI is with the way they have handled this whole fiasco… it is still quite incredible that they do not understand that those magazine images and photo-shoots she poses for are voluntary. An actress / model on the cover of a magazine or in a movie is not a specific body part… she is the whole package… hot or not.

Clipping an intimate scene from a movie and putting it up out of context in some website and calling it a sex-tape or putting up an image of someone’s cleavage or peeking bra-strap and drawing attention to it is not something these women have volunteered for. And when a national media giant like TOI does it, they deserve way more than a tight slap!

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