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Label Up!

I was getting a little bogged down by a bit of monotony seeping into my lifestyle. And when I am bored, I like to organize stuff. I make lists and I arrange things in some order only I can understand, etc. Might be an OCD, but if it is then it’s a harmless one.

I have a teeny tiny kitchen (kitchenette?) and I have wee little storage space. I decided to pretty it up a little with all those IKEA containers and label up everything. Maybe, I’d get my kitchen up to be Pinterest-worthy! 😀

Ended up creating a set of labels. I think it might be of some use to others too. So here they are, the templates I created, the font and the labels themselves. You can download the whole set at the below link.


The set includes some blank templates which you can use in the editing software of your choice (including MS Word) and make your own labels. If you like the font I have used in my labels, then the link is provided in a text file. The font is free to download.

Pantry Labels - The Making

The making…

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