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My Perfect Little Nest

After a short, but quite exhaustive, hunt for an apartment, I finally found the perfect little nest for myself. A serviced apartment, slightly on the expensive side considering its size – it is a studio apartment – but otherwise perfect.

It is furnished with just the right amount of basic pieces.  The room didn’t have a full-length mirror or a proper dresser but that was easily remedied by converting the night stand to a dresser and using my own free-standing mirror. I did get a couple of cushions and bed-linen because the existing stark white bed-linen felt hotel-like.

The kitchen came fully equipped with basic appliances (electric stove, microwave, kettle, and refrigerator.) Also, there’s enough cookware, serveware and cutlery for one person… I still bought my own cutlery set and drinkware. Well, I like to have a complete set of six at least. The existing provisions were for a pair or sometimes in threes.

The laundry is complete with a washing machine, iron, ironing board and drying stand.

Did I mention that the apartment comes with this cosy little balcony with a lovely view of the sea. Yes… that’s a lovely bonus.

Finally, I start out a new chapter of my life in my own private nook… and for that, I have to thank a lot of wonderful people who have helped and encouraged me to get here. The very first ones I am grateful to are Fakhry & Sasha and of course, Nawaab Saheb, for just being there with me at every step I took and helping me eventually get what I wanted. There is no way I could thank them enough… they put everything aside to find me a place and make the whole experience as smooth as could be.

None of this would have been possible without my Uncle and Aunt and my cousin. They have been extremely supportive and in the absence of my parents in Kuwait, they have filled in perfectly with guidance and love.

And thank you, Mom, Papa, Li’l Bro and Sis for the overseas support and love.

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