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Saheb, Biwi Aur Gangster

Watched the movie yesterday (thanks, Nawaab Saheb). Really liked the movie… loved the characters. The dialogues stay with you and at times, I tend to use them in some situations. 😉

Here’s my interpretation of the main characters…

*Spoiler Alert!* *Spoiler Alert!* *Spoiler Alert!* *Spoiler Alert!*

The Saheb:

Not really well off financially but demands respect and commands loyalty. He is ruthless in his deals. Values power and the hold his title has on the commoners.  He is weakened by the three women in his life… a stepmother, who was his father’s mistress, and now controls his estate; a wife who gave her love to someone else and is now a reminder of that insult; and his mistress to whom he turns to for peace of mind and the love he had wanted to give his wife.

Chotti Rani: (Loved this character the most)

Fiery, sensual, ambitious… a woman who knows what she wants in life. Though there is no backstory which explains why she cheated on her husband, I feel that there was something lacking in what the Saheb could give her… for she is not a woman easily satisfied or impressed. She is vulnerable at her core for she yearns for Saheb’s love and is fiercely jealous of his mistress. Her ambition to hold on to her title makes her resort to evil, unscrupulous means. She is conniving and coquettish… and plots to have it all… the title, respect and her Saheb’s love.

The Gangster:

He is a man with a lot of passion in him but not enough class to back it up. He seeks power and respect and would go to any length to achieve them. His love for Chotti Rani is genuine but his ultimate aim is not her love but the seat of power. He shares the trait of ruthlessness with the Saheb… but their aims are different, diametrically opposite even.

The Mistress, Mahua:

She is only a supporting character. The Saheb goes to her to forget the insult he suffered at the hands of Chotti Rani. She is the balm that soothes his ruffled soul. When Saheb believes she betrayed him… her life is snuffed out brutally by him with all the passion and ferocity with which he loved her. (That is a part of the movie I did not like… I felt that his love for her should have warranted her quick death… instead of the agony he put her through)

These characters are beautifully portrayed by the lead actors. Some surprising performances by actors who have not yet been given their due… Saheb (JimmyShergill), Chotti Rani (Mahie Gill), Gangster (Randeep Hooda) and Mahua (Shreya Narayan)

I would watch it a second time…

Some very interesting dialogues:

Jai Jai! (Love the greeting)

Chotti Rani to Saheb (on his telling her that she is not keeping well these days): Humaari tabiyat to aap hain, Saheb! Aap apna khayaal rakhiye.

In a scene where Saheb is in Mahua’s bed…

Mahua: Saheb, subah ho gayi

Saheb: Subah ko bolo Saheb ne aane se mana kiya hain

Mahua: Kudrat humaari tarah aapki baandhi nahin hain

Saheb: Sunegi Mahua, ek din kudrat bhi humaari baat sunegi.

© Surya Murali

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