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Bucket List – Revisited


Four years back, I created a bucket list. And today, I know it was a futile action. But, I would be lying if I said it wasn’t fun creating the list. And after all these disappointing years that I have not made any progress, it is still fun to dissect the list. Even when I know almost nothing on the list will ever get done, I am glad that I still have a sense of humour to take it all in my stride.

  1. Get a job that involves travel, a lot of it.

  2. 4 years and no progress on this one. Never mind a job that involves travel, just travel is out of my reach.

  3. Never have to return to India except on tours and visits.

  4. This may or may not be possible. I have a feeling I will return and get stuck there.

  5. Find a country where I can stay in peace and start life afresh.

  6. Hah! Plenty of countries I would love to do that in but not going to happen in my lifetime.

  7. Get laid. I don’t want to be a good girl and never ‘finish’!

  8. In some societies, I would be held as an icon of purity! The truth though, NOT attractive enough to make this happen.

  9. Realise that sex is, after all, overrated… But not before experiencing all of it.

  10. See #4. Realised… Sour grapes after all.

  11. Paint and sell at least one of my paintings.

  12. Still a possibility, remote as it may be.

  13. Write anything and everything that comes to my mind on this blog without bothering about consequences. (Hah!!)

  14. Well, seems like I don’t care anymore.

  15. Avoid getting my heart torn to shreds or tossed aside without a second glance or thought.

  16. Wishful thinking!!

  17. Stop being emotionally involved in relationships. Two heartbreaks and a lot of stitches & duct tape later… love is overrated too!

  18. Emotionally involved still, but better at handling the resulting depression.

  19. Befriend Johnny Depp.

  20. Lol!! Yeah, one can still hope…

  21. One night stand with JD… Maybe a weekend getaway.

  22. 😀 See previous!

  23. Rent a car… drive around the European countryside.

  24. That requires getting to Europe first! I have such high hopes for myself.

  25. Splurge on a pair of Christian Louboutins… luxury for my feet.

  26. By the time I manage this, it is more likely I would need a wheelchair! But, I guess I could show off the pair better that way. 😀

  27. Live in a library.

  28. Back in India, I do have one in the making, though I am not sure about living there.

  29. Get a good architect to design a cliff-side house and do it up on my own.

  30. Well, it worked in the virtual world. And that’s probably the only way I can tick this off my list.

  31. Live in it for a while and come back to my senses, sell it off and invest the proceeds.

  32. Can’t live in a Sketchup 3D file!

  33. Drive a Veyron.

  34. Might still happen, I may not drive one but maybe I can sit in one.

  35. Get an Italian to give me a ride in his Lamborghini… this time take up his ‘offer’!

  36. If an Italian sees me now, he’d get in his Lamborghini and drive all the way back to Rome at supersonic speed without as much as a glance at me in his rear-view mirrors.

  37. Sleep on a beach at night.

  38. Pretty much a possibility the way things are moving for me… homeless people can sleep anywhere! 😀

  39. Scuba dive.

  40. Without the equipment!

  41. Skydive

  42. When all else fails, even #20 above!

  43. Visit Africa… get a brave fellow to take me out on a hunt…. Just the two of us.

  44. This one, like all my travel dreams, has choked and given up.

  45. Have ‘fun’ in a pyramid or on the sand dunes of the Sahara under the moonlight. Refer # 5.

  46. Involves travel. Can’t happen.

  47. Take a hike through jungles of the Congo… and pretend I am an explorer.

  48. Involves travel. Can’t happen.

  49. Eat the local street food at the places I visit.

  50. Involves travel. Can’t happen.

  51. Stay at some of the top hotels in the world… a night, at least.

  52. This actually happened. One hotel. One night. Presidential Suite. The Atlantis, Palm, Dubai.

  53. Visit as many amusement parks as I can. Ride in as many rides as I can stomach.

  54. Involves travel. Can’t happen.

  55. Learn to bake.

  56. I do know how to bake, just don’t have the mood for it anymore.

  57. Visit a strip club… alone… stay till the last performance for the day is over.

  58. That would be very weird now. Very weird. A scarecrow among swans.

  59. Live in a loft or penthouse of a really tall skyscraper for a year (or for one full cycle of seasons.)

  60. Effing lofty and IMPOSSIBLE dreams!

  61. Learn Ikebana.

  62. Not really interested anymore… but I do have the aptitude for it.

  63. Sing, record my renditions, play them loud and scare the neighbours.

  64. Done. Nobody was scared… or noticed! 😦

  65. Own a huge collection of perfumes.

  66. At present, I have a collection of empty perfume bottles and one perfume – Guerlain’s La Petite Robe Noire.

  67. Own a huge collection of books. And shoes. And bags. And earrings!

  68. Yes, hmmm maybe, sort of yes and yes!

  69. Learn to sail.

  70. High expectations!

  71. Speak Spanish like a senorita.

  72. Speak Spanish like a really old senorita.

  73. Stargaze

  74. I do live in a desert… should allow for perfect stargazing. Don’t see that happening unless I find someone who shares the passion. Until then, this is just another daydream.

  75. Watch a live F1 race.

  76. Involves travel. Can’t happen. Unless there’s a racing circuit in Kuwait.

  77. Have a fist fight with someone.

  78. Forget fist fights, I need an Uzi!

  79. Go on a long cruise.

  80. The closest was a houseboat in the Alleppey backwaters (Alappuzha, Kerala)

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