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Happy Diwali! (2012)

Today is Diwali… an auspicious day.

And I thought, what better day to try something new… so here it is… my first completely manual shot on the DSLR.

I used a diya (lamp) propped on a pearl bracelet in front of one of those optical-fibre lamps.

My flame is all blurry… hope one of the experts can help me out… @ 1/6s, f/8, ISO 800

And here is a Diwali greeting with my personalized wishes to everyone…

Happy Diwali!

May the charm and sparkle of Diwali

forever light up our lives…

The brilliant smiles and tinkling laughter,

The myriad hues of rangoli,

The sweetness of mithai,

The joy of togetherness…

May this Diwali infuse all these into our lives…

Today and always!

— Surya Murali

© Surya Murali

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