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The Coy Nude

*For sensitive viewers… this might be NSFW. But if you watch Bollywood item numbers, this is pretty basic. So there, you decide.*

I painted this to try out the air-brush brushes of Photoshop CS6. I think they give too much of a soft focus effect which I don’t care so much for… I realized later from the internet that this can be controlled.

As this digital painting experience is by trial and error, I am bound to come up with lots of experimental creations, most of them less than perfect. But, I am working on hitting a sweet spot where a style of painting will make me comfortable and then I might stick to it longer until I am in the mood to experiment again.

The Coy Nude

The Coy Nude is what I call this painting (since it isn’t all that revealing… just about the usual new-age Bollywood exposure)

The lady in the painting is no one in particular. Definitely not a self-portrait as a few people pointed out to me… now why would I start self-portraits with a nude. We’ll get there… eventually! *wicked grin*

I used facial features which in my head looked good enough to be put together to form a decent face. Now, I am smart, so I covered one half of her face with hair to avoid the problem of getting the facial symmetry right. 

It might just be possible that since the one woman I look at the most is… obviously… me, I have unconsciously incorporated a certain element of likeness to my own features. And maybe that explains why quite a lot of people jumped to the conclusion that she is me. She is not!

Also, I was careful to not think of any particular popular or unpopular known face when I did the painting… I really don’t want to be dragged in to court for some defamation suit or worse, for having painted someone nude without their permission.

The face is a mix and match of features and the body is what biology textbooks have.

I look forward to readers’ comments and criticism.

Am sleepy now… and my painting arm hurts… I am holding a pen in my hand for extended hours (2 in this case) after ages. My hand and my arm are putting up a fight.

© Surya Murali

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