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The Galaxy Photolab – Sparklers

A photo post for the day. The theme is sparklers… These pics have been taken with either the Galaxy Note 2 or the Galaxy S2

Let’s start with the photos with Galaxy Note II

Rainbow on the Wrist

Amethyst Flowers

Sparkling Amethyst Flowers

Rubies on Chrome

Geometric Sparkles

Of Swirly Purples and Twisting Blues


The next set have all been snapped with my Galaxy S2 over a period of time.

Aqua Spray


Twin Flowers

Blue Ice


Pink Ice

Mom’s Gift

Purple Ombre

Magic in Paris

Black Magic

Bling Bug

Blue Ice

Crystal Dew

Ruby Cuff


Night Light

Peacock Love


Bangle Cascade

Bling Tree

Bangle Explosion

© Surya Murali

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