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Twirling Thoughts, Drifting Dreams…

There are these times… usually most unexpected… that my mind is a flood of images, ideas and thoughts.  There is no distinct thread of thought that stands out, but all that is swirling around is one coherent mass. These are the times I have wished for a notebook and pencil to jot them down, because I know that the longer I try to hold on to them, they would just slip away like water from a closed fist. Of course, I have my trusty phones with me… and I should just whip’em out and go crazy typing every little thought in well-organized notes in duly assigned folders. But, you see… there is a little problem… I am too lazy to type on the phone or swipe or whatever fancy method of input is required.  Now, if I could jot down my thoughts in my handwriting with something that feels like a pencil or a pen, the digital format wouldn’t bother me so much… unfortunately I do not own a Note or any of those fancy tablets (gadget freak that I am… I draw the line at 2personal cell-phones.)

So, what happens to those thoughts that were setting up a spring fair in my head? Well, sadly most of them just pack up and leave… and I end up holding on to fragments like those of a dream that refuses to form completely.

This post is the result of such a session… where I got upstaged by my laziness to grab a notebook and a pencil.

I think I had some pretty nifty solution for the energy crisis – fuel hike – economical ‘Danse Macabre’. I just can’t remember what I had been thinking (conveniently!)

I even had the perfect super-hero outfit for myself… obviously, that too has been blown away… I remember a mask, though… there is always a mask!

The strange part is that I remembered what triggered the upsurge of thoughts… I was on bed, half asleep… slowly floating to consciousness from a lovely dream involving a roadside chai-ki-dukaanon the side of a road in a place that suspiciously resembled the National Geographic images of Rocky Mountains in Colorado… that and some delicious tea in those cutting-chai glass tumblers, the yummy smell of pakoras… the Nawaab playing ‘Annie’s Song’ on the harmonica… and a kiss! I wasn’t too happy about waking and breaking the kiss… but then, fully conscious now, I watched the sun rise (apparently rise… coz I cannot actually see it out my window) and in my mind’s eye it rose in a lovely dusty sky that closely resembled this…

Like  a dawn on an inhabited Mars

The power supply here has conked off… the weekly Friday anti-miracle of the Electricity Devil!

I am sleepy… again…

Lemme see if I can go have some more of that garma-garamchai at the roadside chai-wallah in the Rockies! *wink* *wink*

© Surya Murali

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