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Zoom… Zoom… Zoooooooooooom!!!

Always wanted a Veyron parked some place I owned… so, here it is, on my blog!

I LOVE cars.

When I say ‘Love’… I mean, I am crazy about them… effing crazy!

Fast cars, sleek cars, muscle cars, boxy cars, vintage cars… love them in all their shapes and sizes. It is a passion that has at times got me in to a bit of trouble… especially the Italian cars (and Italians in general).

My first sports car experience… off showroom and on roads… was a ride in a blue Lamborghini Gallardo. A lovely drive in which I was so mesmerized by the car that the hot Italian dude driving it didn’t even register in my mind. Well, for someone who had taken the efforts to find out from my colleagues that I am crazy about cars and then rented one to ask me out… he wasn’t thorough enough… he missed that if it is a Lambo I wanted a ride in then it had to be a black Murciélago. But credit to the guy that he realized that no Swarowski crystal bracelet would have made me go out on a ‘date’… and tough luck to him that neither did the Gallardo.

My dream is a ride in a Bugatti Veyron… the Super Sport edition would be good. Fuel economy be damned… I live in an oil rich country where petrol is cheaper than water! Now, after much deliberation (read… browbeaten into the decision) I have decided that I do not really want to own the car or expect my man to own it… I would settle for a rental for a few days… weeks… (I’ll stop there; don’t wanna give Nawaab Saheb a heart attack). The good part is that he has agreed… anyway, it is here on the blog now… in public view… Guhahahaha!

His taste is more classic… a Shelby GT-500 (1968 model). Yeah… drool-worthy! I do not mind him owning it… oh no… I definitely do not. I would keep reminding him… one of these days he has to get it. 😀

Another car I love is the Dodge Challenger SRT… a mean car. The meanness of a Mustang or a Cobra or a Camaro is what attracts me to these cars.  A svelte and sexy Corvette or a sleek Ferrari Californiaor an oomphalicious Koenigsegg… these have a feminine charm… love them just the same… but muscles are more my type. Which brings me to SUVs and the monstrous pick-ups, a Hummer doesn’t really cut it for me… but an Escalade does! Love SUV’s… boxy and manly as most of them are… the sense of power is a wonderful high… reinforced by the fact that people (in their piddly cars) move out of your way when you are driving something like a GMC Yukon Denali. You don’t need to honk… or flash your lights at the car in front… one view of the menacing visage of your pick-up / SUV in their rear view mirror is enough to set them scurrying out of your way (well, it could also have something to do with who’s driving it… eh… Nawaab Saheb?)

I think am gonna make a list… and then rent each of these lovely cars, at least for a day… drive them or ride in them… and then jot down every experience… unless of course, the experience is Italian! ** The cars in order of appearance in the post, the pics have been modified by me… (the original pics are available if you click the highlighted name of the car)

The Blue Gallardo


Veyron SuperSport

Shelby GT500

Shelby GT500 – 1968 edition

Dodge Challenger SRT




Ferrari California


Hummer H2


The Nawaab’s Car – Yukon Denali

© Surya Murali

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