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Some relations cannot be given a name… some posts cannot be given a title. This is such a post.

Yes, it’s been ages since my last post… my mind’s been bursting at the seams… too much going on in my head and around me. Emotional waves with a high amplitude, peaking and crashing in my head.

I am lucky that I have friends who care and that special someone who can be relied upon in any situation. Sometimes the ties are tested… pulled & strained but they always bounce back. But the stress is evident… sometimes depressing. Sometimes, you hit bed-rock… and have to languish there for a while.

But this post is not about any of that… this is about one friend… a special friend… a relation I cannot give a name ‘coz it cannot fit into any category. It is not platonic, it isn’t romantic, it is not fraternal… the closest is a link between two kindred spirits.

The surprising part is that I found this friend (well, I need to call him something) in the least expected of places… in Kuwait! The last few days have been like spring after a long, drawn out, cold and dark winter.

I feel I have been wearing a mask for too long… with most people am acquainted with the mask is a necessity… but it is painful, like the death mask in Saw! There are very few people I haven’t felt the need to hide myself from… in fact, until now there’s been just one such person in my life. Well now, I think I just added one more to the list! 😀

© Surya Murali

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