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A Good Day


Ray of Hope | by MR Photography | Marcel Rainer

Yesterday was a good day.

When you have been thinking that everything is lost, the whole world appears dark and foreboding. Into that darkness, all it needs is a ray of optimism in the form of a few friends… someone who might not be beside you or even near you, but their gesture of concern touches your heart, then there are those who rally around you because they can never give up on you even if you walked out on them.

I have to thank the anti-hero in my story for always turning the story around. I cannot really walk away from you… can I? I can only get to the end of the elastic band that eventually pulls me back. But, that band is a lifeline and as headstrong as I can be, I’d rather still have that tether without which I would be a reckless and probably self-destructive force.

A meeting of friends is always a wonderful thing… even more so when you find a soul sister in someone. For the first time in a few weeks, I could smile and laugh from my heart. Sometimes I don’t realise that in spite of everything I am lucky… I still have friends and family who care.

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