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A Jumble In The Head

My blog feels a little neglected! *pouts*

Well… this blog, at least. I have been going pretty strong on my other blog… My World In Three Dimensions. (Hah! I managed to sneak a link in here for my design blog). Tee hee hee!!!

It’s been quite some time that I have looked at my flaws and cracks… it has become a rarity indeed. I need to pull up my socks. Naah… too hot here… barefoot would do, I think. Hmmm… in any case I need to restart the thinking process… kickstart the slumbering blogger in me… and devote a bit of time to other trivial pursuits.

Since returning to India I find that I have a whirl of thoughts in my head (‘creative ideas’ is what I would like to call it… mom just calls’em crazy)… and I even found some interests I haven’t had earlier… for example, a craving to bake cupcakes! Yeah, I do believe everything is better with a cupcake. Or a muffin! Mmmmmmmm.

See… they made this post better. Much better!

Do stop drooling now!


And no… I did not make these!

Er… moving on. I hadn’t expected my transition from Kuwait to India to be smooth. And it hasn’t been.  Ironically, when I was back in Kuwait I used to get all suited and armoured and ready to defend my country’s honour if someone as much as mispronounced the name… now that I am back here, I really don’t see what I am defending. To be honest, my return has been kind of a let-down for me.

One of the reasons could be that I am no longer in that safe haven, the cosy paradise where I spent my years of growing up… I see Bombay through a wholly different set of eyes from the ones that peeped through the heavy green foliage of Anushaktinagar. It is not a picture I like.

I need a title for this post. I am not gonna call it ‘…’

A little jumbled up in my head… am I? Come on! It happens to the best of us. I was watching the Iron Man series right now… not that it has anything to do with this. By the way, I loved The Avengers. 😀

I love animation and fantasy. There’s this person who thinks I am a cartoon! Well, if I were a cartoon, which one would I be? What would I look like? Would I have super-powers? More importantly… would I have a mask and/or a cape… or would I be wearing a body suit cut-away at all the ‘right’ places?

Oooh! I am gonna work on that… a super-hero costume for myself! *Let’s hope this bit of crazy does not last long.*

I want to take up some adventure sport… just for the heck of it. I am not at my fittest… quite the opposite. And I think I want a tattoo… I am going to get an earful for the supposed ‘vandalism’ of my body… and no, not from my parents!

Looks like it is going to be a long night! Technically, it is summer here; the nights ought to be shorter. Aah… that could explain why the sun is already throwing shadows at me by the time I prepare to go to bed!

I should start working on my next model. Not ‘my next version’… although, there’s a thought… but my next 3D model of some wacky interior design idea that floats in to my head while am supposed to be busy preparing for the CISA exam next month (the book of which, by the way, I haven’t yet opened.)

© Surya Murali

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