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I know that posting here hasn’t been regular.

Well, there are a few reasons for it… I do have a lot to say but am busy with all the packing and heartache and bodyache that is part and parcel of relocation (this time to another country).

Also, my stupid laptop has conked off (Again! *rolls eyes*)… I am not going to take it for repair(s) until I reach Bombay. It isn’t that I dont trust Kuwait to repair my laptop… it is just too much work… and not to mention, more expensive than it should be (yeah… am miserly that way).

By the way… quick update… Me watched Sherlock Holmes – A Game of Shadows and Agneepath with the Nawaab. I would put up something on that soon (and that means after the 11th of February).

Ah well… I just had this itch to write something and so I put up this post… 😀

Now, am gonna go back to listening to poetry recited by the Nawaab. 🙂

© Surya Murali

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