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Are You That Someone?

Dear Someone,

I need someone to talk to.
Someone logical and rational but warm at the same time… Someone who wouldn’t chide and scold me when am being human. Someone who understands that my views are different, at times crazy, a lot of times stupid… but they are my views and are important to me so wouldn’t be dismissive about them or about me. Someone who wouldn’t treat me like an errant child… I don’t want an extra parent, I have mine who are quite capable of getting on my nerves without needing any additional help.
I need someone who would let me be a girlfriend once in a while and let me do the things girlfriends do… buy gifts, cook you a dinner, ask you to take me out on a date etc… simple things which make me feel human. I want someone who would treasure me like I treasure him.
Get me someone who does not want to fix me all the time… Someone who knows that I rant and vent when I am upset and that’s how I am… but I am NOT waiting to be rescued every time I open my mouth. I want someone who would share his troubles with me… I’d listen but not interfere unless asked to.
Would you be someone who cares and is not afraid to show you care?
I need someone I don’t have to be careful around… Who won’t get upset at every second sentence I say or with the things I do… Someone who understands that I can be direct and straightforward but at times I do hope you’d read between the lines… figure me out like I love to figure you out.
When I put up with your quirks and fallacies, I don’t do it just because I love you but because they make you who you are and I would want none of that changed… love me like that.
Love me in spite of me.
Bring down my walls and get to know me instead of pushing me away when I reach out to you.I am tolerant but I want someone who wouldn’t stretch me to the point that I break.
If you are that someone out there… ping me. 😉
I await you. I need you.

Yours if you care,

© Surya Murali

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