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Diary Of A ‘Casual’ Smoker

7:34 AM | Kuwait

I play break-out with my lungs!

I am going to quit smoking. It is a horrid habit. Unlike the three thousand nine hundred and seventy four previous times I have planned to, this time I am quitting for sure. What quitting?… I have quit! (err… after this one which I have already lit is taken care of… no point in tobacco wastage… eh?!… I know, you agree.)

I am not a heavy smoker… No… I am a casual smoker. Why am I writing this in my diary? Well, when I am coughing my lungs out soon… I just want to make sure that everyone knows it is not ‘cause I smoke. This is just something I started when I was eleven or twelve years old… to add variety to sheesha / shisha and generally, being stoned.

And, mind you, none of the full-bodied commoners’ cigarettes for me… I prefer coating my lungs with tar in style… with ‘lights’. They are exclusive, designer cigarettes… and why I chose them is simple… to limit my smoking and be really ‘casual’. I don’t smoke much… just about 30-40 cigarettes a day… and not like I chain-smoke… or light one cigarette with the other and go on (I use a lighter… one that suits my mood from the large collection of designer & special edition lighters I have).

But, you see… I have quit… this is just my 5th cigarette of the day… just to aid me in my post (which I am writing at around 7:30ish in the AM).

The smoke clears my brain and lets me think… it settles my mind… gives me my peace the world wants to destroy. The cigarette… the loveliness, the slender and smooth feel… the tenderness it fills my mouth with (nothing to do with possible cancerous cell activity)… there is so much selfless love in that wee little ciggie…

Seene ko jalaati hain toh kya hua…

Labhon se toh lagi rahti hain

(unlike my girl… jo sirf seene ko jalaati hain)

Yes… I am going to quit smoking. Last one for the day! Really! Uff… what just happened?… Did I just light up another ciggie (on autopilot)? I have to stop! I know… I am gonna switch to the pipe… having to stuff it over and over again… that might deter me.

Bas… ab koi kare toh kya?

______________________________________________________________________________ *Note: This isn’t my diary entry… I don’t smoke ‘lights’… just Davidoff Slims! Oops… I DON’T smoke. Period.* *And…I definitely don’t have a girl!* ______________________________________________________________________________

Warning: Smoking is injurious to health. Writing about it… especially, someone else’s diary entry… now… that could really be detrimental to life! 😀

© Surya Murali

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