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Electric, Beimaan Mausam!

Aaj mausam bada beimaan hain…bada beimaan hain… aaj mausam

Aane waala… koi toofan hain… aaj mausam

Kya hua hain… hua kuch nahin hain

Baat kya hain pata kuch nahin hain…

Mujhse koi khataa ho gayi hain..

Iss mein meri khataa kuch nahin hain…

Khoobsurat hain tu rut jawan hain…

Aaj mausam bada beimaan hain…bada beimaan hain… aaj mausam

Kaali kaali ghata darr rahin hain

Thandi aahein hawa bhar rahin hain

Sabko kya kya ghumaan ho rahein hain

Har kali hum par shakh kar rahin hain

Phoolon ka dil bhi kuch badghumaan hain…

Aaj mausam bada beimaan hain…bada beimaan hain… aaj mausam

Aye mere yaar, aye husn waale…

Dil kiya maine tere hawaale

Teri marzi pe ab baat tehari…

Jeene de chaahe tu maar daale

Tere haathon mein ab meri jaan hain

Aaj mausam bada beimaan hain…bada beimaan hain… aaj mausam


The weather outside is so lovely… I could describe it if I try… but it would do no justice to its beauty.

Dark clouds lumbering about in the sky… guarding the sun… keeping a tab on its peeking. And when the sun manages to raise its sunny head… the desert is bathed with an ethereal glow and a soft warmth… and then the guards take their positions again. The sun in its misty veil looks a shy bride… surrounded by her hefty bouncer cloudy guards.  

There is a nip in the air… a slight chill… the promise of rain… the sense of an impending storm… again.

A thunderstorm is waiting in the wings… the rumble of a million heavy drums and the crackle of brilliant lightning waiting to arc across the sky… as soon as the sun sinks in the ocean.

Yesterday evening, the electric storm was breathtaking… a fierce show of sound and light.

The thunder shook my building tower and the lightning struck bright coloring everything in its path in electric blues and purples.

Unfortunately, there was thunder in my head… and blinding flashes too. My stupid headache did not allow me to stand in the balcony of my 19th floor and feel the crackling air that makes one’s hair stand on end. The air all charged up… humid and chilly… the landscape, all misty and waiting for the downpour to quench a deep thirst… and the exquisite smell of damp earth. (This has to be bottled up and sold… I would buy it for sure.)

Fat drops of cold rain splashed on my window pane… leaving a trail of dust. Neither the headache nor the dusty rain could dampen my spirits.

I was held in enthrallment by the booming drums in the sky and the gorgeous lightning. As I tweeted and updated my status on FB, there were threads of fear running through my head about the storm… but it was soon overpowered by its wild awesomeness.

Even though I fell in to a delirious, fevered sleep… with the thunder beating against the walls of my head… I still had a great night.

And today when I woke up… the drums in my head had softened their beating and the air still smelt divine… 

The mausam is still beimaan!

© Surya Murali

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