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Baat khatam!!!

But, does it truly end?

It is so easy to hurt with words.  And the hurt so caused takes the longest to heal.

Every time there is a conversation, some people always want to prove you wrong, to point out your stupidity and to mock you over and over again about your other slip-ups.  Mistakes happen… some people stumble more often than others, especially when life for them is already topsy-turvy. Sometimes one feels the need to relate why the mistake happened or even how it happened. Let them get it out… they are not denying the mistake. They are not standing in the way of you proving them wrong… they already know they have been forgetful or stupid or both or worse.

If you do always want to have the last word and if you always want to end every conversation with a ‘Baat khatam’ that is meant to shut everyone else up, you should be prepared to someday meet someone who would not bow down to that. There will always be someone, somewhere, who will let you have the last word when you are right but not before she has cleared her side, even when it involves admitting her mistake. If your time is precious and if you feel what the other person says is always going to be nonsense, then you are deluded to an extent that would put you alone with yourself.

The hurt you cause someone you love would be too much for you to bear… that is something all people in love should realize. When love is questioned and trampled on time and again what rises of its ashes is a terrible alternative no one should ever have to face. Wonder when some people will understand that when you mean the world and more to them… every tiny slight of yours stabs them with more pain than can be borne. Why turn someone with a heart that beats just for you in to a spiritless, soulless creature who is propelled only by the pain of a broken heart?

© Surya Murali

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