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Feeling Blessed!

Years ago I met this girl in school… I was drifting in a world of my own, not really reaching out to others, more acquaintances than friends until she changed all that. She became that one solid anchor that kept me grounded. A friend, a confidante, a soul sister perhaps. The one girl I could talk to endlessly, about any damn thing… from The X Files to relationships. The one person I could share my insecurities and my triumphs with equal ease. The one person with whom even after ages of no contact the break in conversations feels like we’d just hung up to answer the door. In spite of the miles between us and the years since we last met, there is no one else I am as close to… we have transcended the cliches of reading each other like open books… or even telepathy.

And today is her birthday… I celebrated with a cupcake and a glass of wine.  😉

Happy birthday, Urmila! Love you lots! Miss you lots!

© Surya Murali

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