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What do two people do when they want to be together? My insignificant intelligence tells me that they would do all they can to be with each other.

That, to my under-developed logic, is what would be the simplest approach to the issue. They could weigh the pros and cons of the steps they take to be together and then decide. That’s as much complicated as this matter should get… in an ideal world.

But… this world is not ideal… here things do not follow a straight path… here the people involved deprive themselves of the laughter and smiles that should fill their life with and instead opt for pain and pining. Why would they want to do this? Because, the principles of their decisions are more important than what the heart wants. Because, to them a fear of something that might go wrong in the future… a distant possibility if ever there is one, is what is the biggest deciding factor!

What does one choose when one’s choice could end the happiness of the other person?

What does one opt for… a life time of yearning, of regret for not having tried or a hard decision even if it is a risk?

Or maybe one should just walk away… and force the heart to believe that what one had been protecting so fiercely was a mere mirage… not even a sand castle. It was just an illusion that the heart had set its heart on!

Walk away… but try and be careful and avoid stepping on those billion fragments of a shattered heart… a stupid heart that believed the magic it beheld.

© Surya Murali

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