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Some relations cannot be given a name… some posts cannot be given a title. This is such a post. Yes, it’s been ages since my last post… my mind’s been bursting at the seams… too much going on in my head and around me. Emotional waves with a high amplitude, peaking and crashing in my head. I am lucky that I have friends who care and that special someone who can be relied upon in any situation. Sometimes the ties are tested… pulled & strained but they always bounce back. But the stress is evident… sometimes depressing. Sometimes, you hit bedrock… and have to languish there for a while. But this post is not about any of that… this is about one friend… a special friend… a relation I cannot give a name ‘coz it cannot fit into any category. It is not platonic, it isn’t romantic, it is not fraternal… the closest is a link between two kindred spirits. The surprising part is that I found this friend (well, I need to call him something) in the least expected of places… in Kuwait! The last few days have been like spring after a long, drawn out, cold and dark winter. I feel I have been wearing a mask for too long… with most people am acquainted with the mask is a necessity… but it is painful, like the death mask in Saw! There are very few people I haven’t felt the need to hide the real me from… in fact, until now there’s been just one such person in my life. Well now, I think I just added one more to the list! 😀

I call him…  Nawaab Saheb.

The title invokes a regal image… a richness of character, a colourful persona… but there is no limit to what this man has in him.

This is about the person behind the sobriquet. A self-made young man with an iron will. He is a great friend but you have to earn his friendship. And when he is your friend you feel you own the world. HE becomes your world.

There are many adjectives that would describe him… ARROGANT, opinionated, HONEST to the core, complicated, extravagant, an INTELLECTUAL, maybe even a genius. I dare anyone to run an IQ test on him… he would break records.

His arrogance could drive you up the wall… but, it is always righteous arrogance. His self-opinion is spurred by his need to excel… and I have never seen someone excel in anything he does with such ease. He is a simple man with very specific needs and wants… and he does not mind being extravagant to meet his exacting standards. There is a sublime power that sleeps beneath his cool persona. He is mysterious, intriguing… you’d want to know him, you’d want to explore the depths of his mind… but you’d only get entangled or lost in the labyrinth of his thoughts. He is a thinker… a worrier, but he is also a doer.

He NEVER forgets anything… he may forgive you for a lot but he would never forget what you did and who you are. He never gets angry… he only gets furious. You’d never want to be the reason for his rage. But time and again I lock swords with him.

He is PASSIONATE and he is SENSITIVE. He would give you the world if you let him and he would set you free if he loves you. He would always be there for you… he would stand by you even when you desert him. He is stubborn as a mountain and I have shattered against him many a time… but then, I am like a willful river and I will carry on and on just as stubborn as him. A persistent river erodes the mightiest mountain. There’s also a selflessness about him… he hides it well… though, at times you’d feel he is the most selfish person you know. Yes, he evokes extremely contradictory emotions in me.

Superhero, antihero, friend, lover… He is a cohesive contradiction!  He is spring after a long, dark, drawn-out, cold winter!

(Chotti Rani approves… 😀 )

© Surya Murali

#LordRaj #Lordraj #Nawaab #Nawaabsaheb

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