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People In My Life – A Series

The people in my life… is a short series which showcases – as the title says – my friends, acquaintances and sometimes that person who in a short walk through my life made a difference.

There won’t be any names here… just personas.

Here is someone I have been extremely close to for the last two years.  It’s quite a short period indeed… But, some people leave indelible marks on your heart and/or mind. He came into my life at a juncture where I was complacent… about my life and my loneliness. I did not even realise that I was alone until he happened.

With some effort, walls on both sides were broken down and a friendship formed… a strong bond that at the time looked quite sure of enduring eternity. Here was a guy with a quirky sense of humour, a knack of keeping you engaged in some conversation on some weird topic you wouldn’t normally care two hoots about. We had (still have) a lot in common… a love for books, music, travel and a creative bend of mind. A shared school life added to the fun… memories and incidents which to me had a story that was completely different from the stories he had.

He was with me much longer than I was with him. 🙂

The bond tightened and suddenly life was different. It was many times more delightful than before and I was no longer complacent.  Slowly, things changed… over the course of time, a crack developed… it kept widening and we struggled to close the gap. Physical distance turned in to an abyss between our minds… one which could not be bridged. At the end of two years, we drifted apart… I moved on… He didn’t!

Here was a man with an attitude that made him stand out among the best. He was someone who lived his life on his own terms… even in the face of adversity. He would bend the circumstances to suit him… and they were all stepping stones to his ambitions. With strong opinions on everything, he and I clashed many a time. Needs, wants, logic & reasoning and emotions bubbled and simmered and drowned the relationship.

Here is wishing him the very best. I wish he would find his way again… stronger and happier.

Here’s to a new life! Here’s to you!


© Surya Murali

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