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Righteous Anger, Wrong Methods?

Why do all protests in India border on anarchy? Why is there no proper direction or channelization of people’s anger? And why aren’t the concerned leaders not responding?

Is justice required only for this case… isn’t it time the protest be towards rooting out this evil? Is everyone going to happily return home when these men are punished… does it mark an end to all crimes against women?

And it is weird that we blame Congress for inaction… no political party in their time has been prompt in trying to root out this menace. Congress or BJP or any other politcal party have been equally irresponsible. In fact, some factions of politics like the Hindu Jagarana Vedike have molested women in the name of religion and Indian culture. 

It is time we protest to make permanent changes and not fight for temporary or individual solutions. People are brave enough to take to the streets and endure the police lathis… then why not for a properly led, thought out cause and not just by impulse or because of pent up anger.

© Surya Murali

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