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Stupid Reporters Maketh Stupid News-Media

TOI Dunce

Just the other day I had posted that no one seems to understand what Women Empowerment is all about. And soon, the country’s ‘leading’ newspaper goes right ahead and does a big boo boo.

They put up this uncalled for tweet about actress Deepika Padukone. You can find the details here: TOI Fucked Up… Big Time!

Why is this any different from the numerous previous times that the newspaper has fucked up… from typos to inappropriate headlines to outrageous articles in the name of journalism? Well, this time somebody reacted. Ms Padukone rightly took offence and hauled them up for being inappropriate and quite immature on her Twitter timeline. And because she has thousands of followers the issue went viral.

The deterioration in the quality of reporting by TOI and the lack of morals of the newspaper and its affiliated media is something we all discuss on a regular basis. But our discussions and protests fall on deaf ears, an obvious result of us not being famous. And that is why I would like to thank Ms Padukone for reacting the way she did and not letting the issue slide.

Now, as a friend hoped while we discussed this incident… I too hope that the government issues a show-cause notice to TOI from the PM Office. There would be many women who would applaud such a move by the Modi Government. This is, after all, a perfect way the government can show that they are, in fact, serious about protecting the Indian woman.

Times of India needs to revamp itself and do something about this degradation of quality. Media is important to society as they shape the society’s views and such irresponsible behaviour on the part of TOI can do nothing to improve the already uncouth way the country treats its women.

I sincerely hope all this hoopla hasn’t been for nothing.

Get some sensible journos, TOI! Also, please invest in a good spell-check software!

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