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The Common CM?

Arvind Kejriwal needs to see this (I am sure he would have)…  And like someone says in the video… He is now a CM not Shaktiman… 

I do wish AAP all the best, but hope they don’t continue to make a mockery of themselves and of the ideals they so righteously touted before coming into power.

Do not let the people who voted you up regret their decision.

I have always liked AIB and their satirical humour… This is another of their gems.

(To the tune of Lungi Dance)

Jab bhi Kejru ka bheja hatega… Tab woh raaste pe protest karega… Wagon R mein woofer bajeja… Topi pehen ke aana padega… Kejriwal Kejriwal Kejriwal…

© Surya Murali

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