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Now that Facebook has come with this Timeline view of the profile, I decided to sit back and draw up the timeline of my life. This could help when one fine day all those people are fighting over themselves to be the one to pen my memoirs or write a biography.

Of course, there’s no doubt… I’d be famous (or notorious). In today’s world, all publicity is good publicity. And to all those people who are good to me now… you’d all be considered before everyone else for the discounted editions of my biographies. There would not be an autobiography… that’s for those people who are too full of themselves. 😉

Jokes apart (snickersnickertsktsk… really now!)… am doing this timeline thingie coz am totally wella! An idle mind is the Devil’s workshop… and in my mind, he is all hammer and tongs at something.

Let’s see… I came down to earth in the recent past (following all those frantic pleas by so many young men.) I was born in the 80s… yeah, missed the bus by a couple of miles on the flower child / hippie generation.

Completed schooling in the 90s and graduated in the first decade of the 2000s. Working my ass off (pardon the language) in the second decade of the 2000s!

Hmmm… looks like that’s it about my timeline. This is not good! There has to be some juice… some ‘eventful’ events… some anecdotal incidents. Oh boy… I thought this was gonna be a cakewalk… like writing ‘Myself’ in kindergarten… you know, like… My name is Surya Murali. I am a girl (in spite of the name). I study in Class UKG-A. I don’t have a dog. I don’t own a cat. I have no birds in cages. My papa is a nuclear scientist… etc.

Evidently, an uphill task as this is I am going to dig up some ‘genuine’ excuse to not write it today. This serves a dual purpose… I have one post for the day and some retrospection to do for the rest of the week. Clearly… my grey cells need some stimulation.

It is the week before Christmas… and even in this desert I can feel the stirrings of yuletide. This season has a lot of special memories attached… of the times in the colony (Anushaktinagar).

Yep, Anu-shakti-nagar does translate to Atomic-Energy-Nagar. That should also give you an idea why I am so close to isotopes and radiation and went as far to call my blog The Radiant Isotope. Also explains the mutations in my brain… and my being a highly unstable, volatile isotope.

© Surya Murali

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