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Yet Another Character Sketch…

There is this girl I know, a crazy female.  Well… she isn’t exactly a ‘girl’… she is a woman… but the child in her still lingers. She is not immature but her attitude can drive anybody up the wall.

She is annoyingly stubborn, always has to have her way. She’d never listen to a word anybody tells her… even if she knows she is wrong she would not give in. She would fight tooth and nail for every argument she puts forward.

The crazy girl would be so naïve at times that you’d think she was born yesterday… but if you look closely you’d know that she knows exactly what she is doing. The naiveté is a mask… carefully worn, but coupled with her skills to seek out trouble in everything, she is not a safe person to have around.

My friends say she spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E! Oh, I would know, I have been at the receiving end quite a few times.

There is no grey in her palette… it is either black or white… or every shade of the rainbow. Not one to walk the middle ground… she is either fiery as fire or chilly as ice.

She does not think before she speaks… she does not consider the consequences of her actions. There are never any conclusions to her arguments… they are an ongoing conversation between her and her psyche.

Sometimes, I want to hold her by the shoulders and shake her up… tell her to grow up… but then I know she can’t change. That is the way she is… stubborn, headstrong, crazy, rebellious and not really immature but coquettish enough to use the child in her to her advantage.

She is vain, but I love her… and she is the best friend I have ever had.  🙂

© Surya Murali

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